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"This is just what we’re looking for"

- Justine

"Totum’s online platform has become a "go to" for me several times a week"

- Carol Faulkner

"Totum remains the best investment we could make to manage stress and live more healthful lives."

- Mark Davidson

About totum's Virtual Wellness Platform

Access totum Virtual Wellness on all your devices to get the best of totum available whenever, and wherever, you want. Unlimited live stream and on-demand fitness classes, including Yoga, Full Body Conditioning, Mobility, Pilates, HIIT, Athletica and so much more.

Why totum Virtual Wellness Platform?

Theres something for everyone!

We have created a platform that draws on our decades of experience involving our fitness experts, clinicians, and wellness providers. This allows us to curate content based on the latest research and new ideas in the industry.

Nutrition & Recovery

At Totum we care about all aspects of our members health and well-being. Results are formed when all the pieces of your health are coming together at the same time. This includes your Nutrition and Recovery techniques. Learning how to effectively and strategically manage this aspect of your lifestyle, helps you find the energy and fuel to keep moving forward toward your fitness goals.

Years of Experience

We just get it! Totum has been an established and trusted source in this industry for over 25 years. This allows us to filter out all "trendy" advice, and only provide you with the things that will actually get you the results you are looking for.

Support & Motivation

Totum is made up of an incredibly diverse team of healthcare and fitness professionals who really care. What does this mean for you?

Our instructors care about finding ways to make you the center of every workout or workshop. We hope to empower and educate you while we embark on this journey together. We know that within our team you will find professionals that you connect with because of the effort they put into your goals and results.

1-on-1 Training

Sometimes you need a bit more specialized advice or motivation. Our 1 on 1 training program is perfect for this.  Maybe you have a very specific goal with a deadline that is fast approaching. Reach out to one of our instructors and come up with an individualized plan that will get you there in the best way possible.


When you become a member at Totum, you have made a commitment to yourself and to us. We plan to honor that action by always doing our best to provide you with the best fitness, nutrition, health and wellness programming available anywhere. We are constantly updating and improving in all aspects of what we do.  As the science advances, so do we.  

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