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Totum Life Science

The Totum Approach honours the unique traditions, languages, practices, and values brought into our community by our team and our clients’ unique human spirit and diverse physical capabilities.

What's our story?

We really love helping people. That is our passion. When we started in the mid-1990s, we were dissatisfied with the type and quality of fitness experiences and facilities that existed. We were motivated by the potential to provide a much more complete and improved approach to helping clients. Our academic experience and our inherent traits that focus on helping clients, not selling to clients, were the foundation for what continues today.

Our Experience In Numbers

Our Community Is What Makes Us Whole

Years of experience
Classes taught
Team members
Happy Clients

At totum, we want to help you improve your life.


Our science, customer service, and one-on-one approach sets the environment for rapid improvements.


At Totum, you will visit with one dedicated specialist focused on only you, and motivating you.

Team work

Leveraging the expertise of many for the benefit of individual clients is at our core.


Our team has gained a reputation for excellence by creating successful outcomes for thousands of patients.

Come Visit Us.

At totum, we truly believe we offer downtown Toronto’s best active lifestyle and wellness experiences.

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