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Employee wellness through virtual connections.

When it comes to defining wellness, there is no “one size fits all” solution. It goes beyond fitness alone and providing options is critical in meeting people where they’re at. We have created a platform that draws on our decades of experience involving our fitness experts, clinicians, and wellness providers.


"Totum’s online platform has become a "go to" for me several times a week"

- Carol Faulkner, CIBC Capital Markets

"The best investment we could make to help our people manage stress and live more healthful lives."

- Mark Davidson, PROLINK Insurance Inc.

"This is just what we’re looking for"

- Justine, at TD Securities

About  totum's Virtual Wellness Platform

Since 1993, Totum has been helping people improve their fitness, manage and reduce injury related pain, guide healthy nutrition choices, and help improve general wellness to give our members the opportunity to live their healthiest lives. Companies have indicated team member support and engagement are top priorities with their wellness initiatives. Totum’s virtual wellness solution provides both, through regular promotions and relationship building programs.

Virtual Content Offerings

Access totum Virtual Wellness on all your devices to get the best of totum available whenever, and wherever, you want.

Why choose Totum Virtual Wellness for your employees?

There's something for everyone.

We have created a platform that draws on our decades of experience involving our fitness experts, clinicians, and wellness providers. This allows us to curate content based on the latest research and new ideas in the industry.

Nutrition & Recovery

At Totum we care about all aspects of our members health and well-being. Results are formed when all the pieces of ones health are coming together at the same time. This includes Nutrition and Recovery techniques. Learning how to effectively and strategically manage this aspect of one's lifestyle, helps you find the energy and fuel to keep moving forward toward your fitness goals.

Years of experience

We just get it! Totum has been an established and trusted source in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. This allows us to filter out all the "trendy" advice, and provide our clients with the information that will actually get you the results you are looking for.

Diversity Drives Totum

Diversity has always been important to us. We are an indigenous owned business with the majority of our senior team leaders being women. Diversity drives us to be better, understand more and helps us continue on our learning journey.

Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries

Totum’s decades of experience with injury management allows us a unique perspective on work place injuries. We are experts at managing musculoskeletal injuries, but more importantly, helping businesses and their employees prevent them in the first place.


When your employee's become a member at Totum, they make a commitment to themselves and to us. We plan to honor that action by always doing our best to provide them with the best fitness, nutrition, health and wellness programming available anywhere. We are constantly updating and improving in all aspects of what we do. As the science advances, so do we.  

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